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Here at First For Contact Lenses, we have a firm belief that quality eyecare should be available to all that are in need of it which includes Contact Lenses.  Contact lenses in the past have been considered a luxury only available to those who could generally afford it but due to the recent onset of internet sales they have become alot more affordable especially compared to high street retailers.

At First For Contact Lenses we offer FREE proffessional advice on all enquiries & on our web chat which are answered by one of our team of UK qualified Optometrists.  We answer any of your eye or contact lens related questions for free so you can be sure that if you do have any doubts about your contact lenses, lens care products such as solutions etc, eye supplements, questions on toric or varifocal contact lenses etc you will have the best possible advice from people who are activiely fitting and seeing people on a day to day basis!

All our lenses & lens care products are delivered free of charge & are often shipped out free direct from the manufacturers so you can be fully confident that you will not be receiving stock held for any length of time in a warehouse.

We consistently check our prices & dont penalise you if you do not want to bulk buy.  We attempt to keep all our prices as low as we can thus giving you the best value products & prices as we can.

Trained Optometrists By UK law we must have contact lens prescriptions that are no more than 12 months old & your glasses prescription that is no more than 24 months old.  Although often seen as a hindrance this is for your benefit as contact lenses are a registered medical device & can cause damage to the cornea's if not worn correctly.  Our main concern is the welfare of your sight with the provision of affordable contact lenses for you but not at a risk to the health of your eye therfore we will only supply contact lenses on production or confirmation from your Optometrists on the validity of your prescription.  

There are other websites that may not do these checks but we at First For Contact Lenses always believe in putting your eye health first. 

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