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Thealoz Eye Drops 10ml
  • Thealoz Eye Drops 10ml

Thealoz Eye Drops 10ml

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There are few conditions quite as frustrating as dry eye. When you don’t have the lubrication necessary to truly nourish your eye, you’re going to have real problems quickly. After all, those tears are a must to help maintain the health and surface of your eye. They actually provide you with clearer vision. Is there really a solution? Absolutely – Thealoz is one great choice.

What Is It?

Thealoz eye drops are a great way to manage dry eye symptoms. The active ingredient is Trehalose, which is a sugar that contains high water retention capabilities. For your eyes, that means fantastic things. It actually addresses the causes of dryness, helping your cells to manage water better, avoiding the dry conditions that create so many problems in your life. It protects the cells of the cornea and the conjunctiva with every treatment, helping resist your eyes’ tendency to be drier.

Why First For Contact Lenses?

Thealoz Eye Drops can be a great way to relieve dry eye symptoms, and we stock a 10 ml bottle that translates to 300 doses to help keep your eyes lubricated longer. Whether you wear contacts that exacerbate your condition or you just want to stop the discomfort now, this is the product that can help, and once you order from us, you’ll never want to work with another company again. Wondering why? It’s a fairly simple combination. Start with great low prices every day that you just won’t find at an offline retailer. Add a phenomenal selection of other eye care products, then top it off with fast delivery. Need a little more information to help convince you? Consider our fantastic customer service. Your questions can all be answered with the click of a mouse or a single phone call.

Treating your dry eye has to be a priority, and Thealoz eye drops are the right solution. Order it now, and experience the difference with us!


-  1*10ml Eye drops

- Long lasting serenity and can even be used by contact lens wearers

- Contains 300 drops

- helpful for those with dry eyes or those who suffer from discomfort

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