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Monthly Contact Lenses

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From the more traditional type that you updated just once a year to those that you replace once a month to those that you replace every single day, your options are numerous, and selecting the right lenses to meet  your needs depends both on your doctor’s recommendation as well as your own preferences. Are monthly contact lenses the right choice to meet your needs? Take a look.

  • Monthly contact lenses are comfortable. Most brands allow quite a bit of oxygen to your eye, and that means comfortable, well-hydrated eyes that will breathe well and remain healthy every single month.
  • Monthly choices are a cost effective solution to the disposable equation. Disposable lenses have a number of real advantages, and with monthlies, you don’t have to buy quite as many lenses. Instead, you toss them just once a month, and that means less waste and fewer costs.
  • Brands abound in the world of monthly contact lenses, so no matter what brand you like best or tends to fit you best, the world is open to you.

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