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Expressions Colours 3 Months Supply
  • Expressions Colours 3 Months Supply

Expressions Colours 3 Months Supply

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Expressions Colours let you change the colour of your eyes with contact lenses.  They are produced using a technologically advanced tinting process to produce more realistic colour changes with a more realistic look.  

They come in a whole array of colours so pick and choose whatever colour takes your fancy.

Coloured lenses can also be worn for cosmetic purposes, so even if you dont have prescription you can still look and feel like a different person! (Be aware that the same laws apply for the selling of non powered coloured contact lenses as they do for powered i.e a valid eye examination and contact lens check up).

Technical Information

Manufacture – Fully Cast moulded

Material – Methafilicon A

Water content - 55%

Oxygen Permeability (DK/T) - 21

Wearer schedule - Daily wear

Recommended Replacement Schedule - Monthly

Lens care Multipurpose or Peroxide Pack

Size 3 lenses per pack x 2

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