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BioMedics 1 Day Extra Toric 30 Pack
  • BioMedics 1 Day Extra Toric 30 Pack

BioMedics 1 Day Extra Toric 30 Pack

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BioMedics Daily contact lenses are designed to provide excellent performance.  

BioMedic Dailies are an entry level lens that provide good levels of comfort throughout the day due to the 55% water content of the lens.  These lenses can be worn for upto 16 hours and comfort levels should be as good then as when the lenses are first inserted into the eyes.

These dailies are good value & can be used to supplement wear for wearers who don't want the hassle of cleaning or for people who play sports & dont want glasses interferring with thier play. 

BioMedics 1 Day Extra Torics are only recommended for daily wear - Please consult your eyecare proffessional for wearing times.

BioMedics 1 Day Extra Toric lenses are also known in some opticians as  Easyvision Daily Clarision Toric.

Technical Information

Manufacture – Fully Cast moulded

Material – Ocufilicon D

Water content - 55%

Wearer schedule - Daily wear

Recommended Replacement Schedule - Daily

Handling Tint - Light blue 

Size 30 lenses per pack 

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