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Biofinity Toric 3 Months Supply
  • Biofinity Toric 3 Months Supply

Biofinity Toric 3 Months Supply

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Biofinity contact lenses represent the next generation of contact lenses.  

Biofinity contacts are made from Aquaform Comfort Science Technology. It’s a unique material that is highly breathable and moist. High levels of oxygen flow freely through these silicone hydrogel lenses, helping to keep your eyes clear, white and healthy looking.

The naturally wettable Biofinity lens material holds water within the lens making it soft, moist and resistant to dehydration and protein deposits.  Biofinity contact lenses also provide comfort that won’t rinse off since there are no added surface treatments or wetting agents

Biofinity contacts support an aspheric front surface lens design which provides enhanced vision. Light is better focused to a common focal point giving greater image resolution and increased depth of focus for sharper clearer vision. The unique combination of high oxygen, high water content and soft lens material creates a exceptional silicone hydrogel lens.

Biofinity contact lenses are approved for upto seven days & nights of extended wear but approval from your optometerist is required before the lenses are used for extended wear purposes.

Biofinity lenses are also known in some opticians as Ascend Premier Toric or Easyvision Monthly Opteyes Toric.

Technical Information

Manufacture – Fully Cast moulded

Material – Comfilicon A

Composition - Silicone hydrogel

Water content - 48%

ISO Classification - 9913-1/2 Group 1, . 50% water content, non-ionic.

Wearer schedule - Daily wear/Extended Wear

Recommended Replacement Schedule - Monthly

Orientation Mark - Single Marker at 6 O'Clock

Handling Tint - Softblue 

Lens care Multipurpose or Peroxide Pack

Size 3 lenses per pack x 2

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