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Avaira Toric 3 Months Supply

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Avaira Toric are the newest addition to Coopervisions range of contact lenses, specially designed for people who have an astigmatism.

These monthly disposable silicone hydrogel lenses offer comfort all day with their unique design and Aquaform® technology. The optimised lens design not only promotes minimal lid interaction but also high stability and less lens rotation.
Avaira Torics provide excellent vision over a range of powers thanks to their unique aspheric optics. The Aquaform® technology provides outstanding comfort and high levels of oxygen are maintained. They are integrated with UV protection which blocks 75% of harmful UVA and 99% of UVB rays.

Technical Information


Material – 46% water 54% enfilcon A

Composition - Silicone hydrogel

Water content - 46%

Wearer schedule - Daily wear

Recommended Replacement Schedule - Monthly Toric

Orientation Mark - Single Marker at 6 O'Clock

Handling Tint - Softblue 

Lens care Multipurpose or Peroxide Pack

Size 3 lenses per pack x 2

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