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Air Optix Aqua 3 Months Supply
  • Air Optix Aqua 3 Months Supply

Air Optix Aqua 3 Months Supply

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Air Optix monthly contact lenses make your eyes feel comfortable all day long. These monthly contact lenses feature TriComfort™ technology that allows you to wear your contact lenses for longer.

Air Optix lenses allow 5x more oxygen through to the eyes compared to conventional or older monthly contact lenses meaning whiter, healthier looking eyes for you and allows for alot more flexibility in wearing hours.

Air Optix lens surfaces are treated with a Bio-Compatible Plasma coating which increases resistance to lens deposits.  The lens surface also retains better wettability improving lens comfort.

Contains State Of The Art technology with regards to its unique tricomfort technology which capitalizes on various high end materials to bring you comfort from breakfast till bedtime.

Technical Information

Manufacture - Cast moulded

Design - Bi-aspheric

Material - Lotrafilcon B

Composition - Silicone hydrogel

Surface Treatment - Permanent biocompatible plasma treatment

Water content - 33%

ISO Classification - 9913-1/2 Group 1, . 50% water content, non-ionic.

Wearer schedule - Daily wear or up to six nights extended wear

Recommended Replacement Schedule - Monthly

Lens careMultipurpose or Peroxide Pack

Size3 lenses per pack

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